Ristorante La Campana


Recognized as the oldest restaurant in Rome, the restaurant La Campana is located in Vicolo della Campana, which gave the street its name, including path of Sow and Piazza Nicosia.

The winery was founded in 1518, as recalled by the Taexae of Roads and from a census of 1526, it is that its founder was Peter de la Campana. In 1622, then it was a certain Giacomo handle it and from then until the end of 1800, he represented as an inn to house the foreigners passing through, where they organized trips and sold; this peculiarity derives from the design of the carriage, which remained still on the crest of the restaurant.

Distinguished guests who have stayed there, people like Caravaggio o Goethe, who even mentions in one of his novels: the ‘smart inn’, which was the scene of a sexual encounter. The progenitor was Salvatore Iacobini, brother of the great-grandmother of the current owners Paul and Marina Trancassini. Then it was the turn of Ida, Lamberto, his grandson, and still later, in 1989, Joseph Trancassini, father of Paul and Marina Trancassini.

Historically, the restaurant serves traditional Roman cuisine; between the tasty dishes that offers remember the artichokes, noodles with anchovies and pecorino, the soup of pasta and broccoli with arzilla, in addition obviously all’abbacchio (lamb), oxtail and sweetbreads.

Lately, the card also offers tasty fish dishes, like spaghetti with clams and linguine with brown eyes, a kind of tiny squid, while among the contours to be reported excel chicory in a sauce of anchovies.

The apple pie is really remarkable, perhaps served ‘Carda and heart ice cream’.

The restaurant has always been popular with movie characters, like the lamented Federico Fellini and Alberto Sordi, leading figures from the Italian political landscape up to the highest offices of state, as well as meeting point of ancient Roman nobility. A foreign television chose just a few years ago La Campana, for a special on the life of Isabella Rossellini.

The restaurant, nice and classic from the impression, consists of two rooms that can accommodate about 120 people and also has an additional room, for parties and events.

This restaurant in the heart of Rome is a staple of decades Capitoline catering.

All’antica is also the service, but because of this efficient, fast, friendly and ready to meet all requirements from customers. And ‘the case to say that when the bell rings, it’s worth running at the table for its excellent too, tasty, hard to imagine better in their level of classic, like the story they come from.